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凱耀 Kai-Yao

Jingang Mountain or Jingang Rice, if it’s got anything to do with Jingang you can come to me!

長濱金剛米 Changbin Jingang Rice


Kai-Yao, like many young Taiwanese in eastern Taiwan, dreamed of making a life for himself in the city. His dream was to be a baseball player. However, after sustaining another injury, he was sent home to help his father with the farming.Soon, he found himself noticing the changes and obstacles taking place in his hometown over the last couple of years. His observations motivated him to move back home and invest in the local agriculture. Through his own efforts, he hoped to inspire change in Changbin. Kai-Yao is funny, passionate, and has a strong understanding of the local culture and agriculture. Kai-Yao also guides bicycle tours around Changbin. As a tour guide Kai-Yao’s passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and through this experience you will also gain a deeper understanding of the story of Changbin.

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金剛米種植專家 Jingang Rice Planting expert


  • 聯絡電話|0985-131-596
  • 地  址|台東縣長濱鄉長濱村4鄰12-5號 Taitung County, Changbin Township, Neighborhood 4, no. 12-5


  • 週一至週六 Monday-Saturday



  • 興東客運8101、8102、8105、花蓮客運1145 /長濱分駐所 站
鄰近店家nearby store
  • 金剛大道 Jinkang Trail

    金剛大道有「長濱的伯朗大道」之美稱,為環狀道路,騎著單車既能欣賞金剛山,也能眺望太平洋,享受天海一線的美景。隨著季節的變換,大道兩旁一整片梯田的顏色也會跟著變化,一路上甚至沒有一根電線杆,讓人更能盡情享受原始自然的美。沿著大道行進,會經過忠勇部落及長光社區,兩者都是新石器時代晚期的麒麟文化(巨石文化)的遺址所在地,對歷史考古特別感興趣的旅客在欣賞風景之餘,也能一探在地歷史文化。 Jinkang Trail, known to be the “Mr.Brown Avenue of Changbin”, has a bike path that gives you stunning views of the Jinkang mountains and the Pacific ocean. There you can gaze upon the beautiful scenery of where the ocean meets the sky, and as the seasons change, you can see the different colors of the terraced fields. You can appreciate the unblemished beauty of nature without a single telephone pole in sight. Following along the bike trail, you will pass by Zhongyong tribal village and Changguang Community, both sites have remnants from the late neolithic period. Visitors with an archaeological interest can explore the local history and culture while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

  • 長光新希望廣場 Chang-Guang Xing Xi Wang (New Hope) Square

    來到雙濱,可以發現醃漬物對於在地人來說,是生活中不可或缺的存在。藉由醃漬物的體驗,除了在味覺上能夠有不同以往的感受,還能夠更加了解當地的文化故事。巴奈,一名長光部落的返鄉青年,希望能夠透過自己的力量,讓部落越來越好。除了替當地的青年創造工作機會外,也希望能夠讓部落媽媽發揮其價值, 因此決定成立風味餐餐廳,讓料理說話,說出部落的故事。 Once you arrive at Shuangbin, you’ll realize that pickled food is something locals cannot live without. The experience of trying pickled foods not only brings a sense of nostalgia, but also allows people to further their understanding of the local cultural background. Ba-Nai, a young aborigine hopes to improve her tribe through hard work and effort. She hopes to not only provide young locals with employment opportunities, but also bring value to the creativity of mothers within the tribe. Thus, she decided to open a restaurant of flavours and let her food do the talking. She hopes to narrate her tribal stories through her food.

  • 巫弩客木屋 O’ nok Wood House

    店名O' nok巫弩客是女主人心怡的母親的阿美族名,意指一個人默默地耕耘、勤奮付出。 心怡非常珍惜和每一位客人之間的緣分,經常推出自己設計的新穎手作甜點與創意飲品,也提供皮雕、編織等手作體驗服務,十分歡迎旅人駐足認識阿美族傳統工藝、交流分享生活。 O’nok Wood House is named after the owner, Xin-Yi’s mother. O’nok is her mother’s Amis tribe name and means “to work quietly, and contribute diligently”. Xin-Yi treasures every interaction with her customers, and will often bring out homemade snacks and drinks. She sells hand-made leather carvings and woven goods. She welcomes all travelers to stop by and learn about the traditional crafts of the Amis Tribe, and also discuss and exchange life experiences.